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ビジ英 L12(1)               by けんとん

(1) 定義語を選んでください。
① looking old and dirty, or in a bad condition
② a simple song, especially a popular love song
③ the place that someone or something is going to
④ spread over a wide area or over a long period of time
⑤ to go to a place in large numbers because something interesting or exciting is happening there
A) scattered B) tatty C) destination D) ballad E) flock

(2) (   )を埋めてください。
① 賛否両論、善し悪し    (   )(   )(   )
② 大規模に    (   ) a (   )(   )
③ その通り!    You’re (   )(   )!
④ 目的を達する、上手くいく  (   ) the (   )

(3) それぞれの問いに答えてください。
① 高級な、高額所得者向けの、一流の、という意味の語を3つ挙げてください。
(u     ) (u      ) (t      )
② タイタニック号は、いつ作られて、いつ沈んだでしょう。

Titanic: 400 Headwords (Oxford Bookworms Factfiles)
(ノンフィクション洋書=oxford bookwarmsより。)の一部です。

Fifteen thousand people made the Titanic. They made it in 1912, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was the biggest ship in the world – 24,900 tons. It was 265 meters long, and 28 metres across. It could go at 46 kilometres an hour, so it was one of the fastest ships in the world, too.

On April 10 1912, the Titanic went from Southampton, in England, to Cork in Ireland. Then she went west, towards New York. There were 2,207 people on the ship. For four days they were excited and happy.
On the night of 14 April the sea was quiet. The weather was good and there were thousands of stars in the night sky.

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