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Child raising

As you know, I'm a housewife and we have a son who is an only child.
At the last English club, I said that our son was 10 years old, but it was a mistake.
He's 11 years old now and a 6th grader at A elementary school.
Am I a but mother, because I mistook my dear son's age?
May I state the reason foe the mistake?
I'm glad he's been growing up smoothly.
But at the same time, I also feel a bit sad.
Especially when I see toddlers and babies, I want our son to return to a baby.
In the corner of my mind I wish his growth would stop.
That's why I made a mistake in our son's age.
Child raising isn't easy.
It particularly tough when children are three - month - old babies or younger.
Mothers can't sleep three hours in a raw, for babies cry every three hours.
Fortunately my husband helped me with our son's rearing.
I think fathers' participation in child raising is good for not only mothers but also for fathers.
Those who raise a child can have precious memories with a child.
In my opinion, family members should share common occasions as much as they can.
That way, family ties become strong.
Children need love of many people more than food.
Parents' love is the best nourishment for children.
Thank you for your kind attention.


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